The Client

Subject: Autonomous Tracking & Wireless Cameras

Industry: Food Retail & Wholesale

The Project

Electrac NI has successfully completed two projects for Musgrave Retail Partners NI.

Musgrave is Ireland’s leading food retail and wholesale company, with brands including SuperValu, Centra and MACE.

  • Wireless Forklift Cameras

Electrac NI has fitted wireless cameras to nine forklift trucks within Musgrave’s flagship warehouse facility in Belfast.  The warehouse was experiencing damage to pallets, specifically on product being picked from the highest tier of racking.

Electrac NI worked closely with both the forktruck manufacturer and Musgrave’s management to achieve a best fit solution.

The project has given forklift drivers more confidence when picking from height and has provided an additional level of health and safety.

According to Musgrave’s NI Operations Manager, the cameras offer HD quality images and the price to supply and fit was less than half of the cost quoted by the forklift manufacturers.

  • Asset Tracking Solution for Food Trolley Delivery Cages

Musgrave operates food distribution cages throughout Ireland.  These types of cages are notoriously difficult to retain, and Musgrave was looking for a way of keeping track of these assets.

Electrac NI supplied and fitted a bespoke autonomous tracker to each cage meaning that Musgrave can track and locate all cages at any given time.  The trackers are housed within robust casing to make them damage and tamper-proof and Musgrave has peace of mind that the trackers are “install and forget” since no charging is required, and they are intended to outlast the lifecycle of each cage giving long term security.

At a cost of around £80 per cage and with hundreds of thousands of these cages in circulation at any one time within the all-Ireland Musgrave operation, the capital investment needed to replenish lost or stolen cages will be a significantly benefit.

We initially had ideas of what we needed for both the cameras and the trackers, but Seamus was able to make the concepts viable with his technical knowledge, ultimately providing exactly what we had envisaged.  Our operation is 24/7 and Electrac was able to accommodate weekend and evening installations to suit our quieter times so this was a real added value compared with other suppliers that are typically only available 9-5. – Rob Gallagher, Northern Ireland Operations Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners NI