Using a combination of hardware and software, Electrac NI can recommend, supply and fit a broad range of warning and detection systems to improve the operational safety of your fleet.

These fleet safety products offer peace of mind that your vehicle assets and staff, as well as pedestrians, cyclists and other road users are protected from the many risks associated with commercial vehicle movement.

Some Examples of Our Fleet Safety Range

Park Brake Safety Systems:

Although failure to apply the park brake is thankfully not a regular occurrence, the possibility does pose significant risk to drivers and other staff or the general public, as well as damage to vehicles and property.

Electrac NI can supply and install various cost-effective and maintenance-free solutions to give peace of mind that your vehicles are secure at all times.

Alert systems warn both the driver and personnel in the vicinity of the vehicle in the event that the handbrake has not been applied or has not been applied correctly.  An audible warning will be triggered if the driver opens the door of the vehicle without first applying the handbrake and will continue to sound until the park brake has been put on.

A more sophisticated system combines an audible warning with the automatic application of the park brake without any intervention being required by the driver.

Access Control Systems:

Electrac NI can supply and install devices to your vehicles which act as an additional locking system for enhanced security.  These products range from simple immobilisers that stop the vehicle from being started to electronic authorisation systems that control access to specific areas of the vehicle such as the handbrake or engine.  This technology is similar to that used by employees accessing security-controlled areas within buildings using identity tags – they either need one access level to enter all doors or can have a more sophisticated identity system that controls which specific areas within the building they can enter.

These systems can be configured to allow, deny or restrict access based on individual staff approvals, therefore not only reducing the risk of vehicle theft, but also controlling unauthorised use of dangerous equipment by untrained personnel.

Cyclist Safety Systems:

Along with pedestrians, cyclists (and motorcyclists) are classed as the most vulnerable road users.

Over the last few years, cycling has been on the increase, and according to official statistics by the Department for Transport, almost 4,000 cyclists were killed or seriously injured in Great Britain in 2017.  Because heavy goods vehicles are consistently involved in a disproportionate number of fatalities relating to cyclists and pedestrians, there has been increasing focus by local authorities on increasing cyclist safety.

Electrac NI can supply and install a range of products to increase cyclist safety by enhancing cyclist visibility with your drivers and likewise, alerting cyclists to the dangers of commercial vehicle blind spots.  Systems can include a range of features including detection sensors, cameras and audible and visual alerts.

Reversing Aids:

According to the Health & Safety Executive, nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing.

As well as fatalities, reversing accidents also cause injury and costly damage to vehicles and property but most reversing incidents are avoidable.  As well as implementing site safety procedures, vehicles an be equipped with a number of safety solutions.

Electrac NI can supply and install various reversing aids including audible and visual alarms and/or camera systems and detection sensors.  These systems can be configured to either warn the driver or automatically bring the vehicle to a halt when an obstruction is detected.