Combining our expert technical knowledge with our range of carefully selected hardware supply partners, we can recommend, supply and install all types of vehicle cameras.

We can supply anything from simple, entry-level dash and reversing cameras to all-round fully live CCTV systems, as well as bolt-on safety features, such as driver fatigue monitoring or cyclist monitoring alerts.

We work in partnership with you to identify your unique requirements so that we can find the right solution for your business.

Live-View Multi-Camera CCTV

Our most sophisticated CCTV option offers fully live, ‘always recording’ streamed footage from eight vehicle-mounted CCTV cameras using wireless remote connectivity.

All of our systems operate on at least 4G and have full connectivity outside of the UK.  Footage can be monitored live or accessed later for review or download.

Our API is extremely flexible and allows the CCTV to ‘talk to’ other systems, such as telematics, GPS tracking or transport planning systems, meaning an advanced analysis of your drivers’ activity is possible.  Video footage can be tagged with or searched for by an exact location and event triggers can be set up to provide alerts for important incidents such as harsh braking or pressing a panic button.

We can support server or cloud hosted options and can either provide access to the full live video feed for operators to monitor independently or can monitor on our clients’ behalf from our state-of-the-art monitoring suite based here in Northern Ireland.

Having all-round and fully live video footage gives viewing access that is as close to witnessing the real-life scenario as is possible to have after the event.  Uses for CCTV include:

  • Providing evidence for vehicle, load and fuel theft and vehicle vandalism
  • Management of lone workers
  • Management of and protection against fraudulent claims
  • Control of staff abuse (or at least evidence to support investigations)

Having such a high level of visibility of events results in considerable reduction in incident investigation time as well as dramatically improved investigation success rates.

Combining CCTV with telematics and GPS data provides access to full fleet and risk management to improve driver performance and fleet safety.  Based on this principle, users of this system have reported significantly enhanced cost control and the additional benefit of negotiating reduced insurance premiums.